Teaching the Whole Child

Every faculty member is a believer in Jesus Christ. They are not all from the same local congregation, and we consider diversity to be a strength, as we daily model unity in Christ.

All of our teachers have undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in the field of education. Beyond their professional credentials, however, they teach with a sincere desire for all of our students to reach their full potential in all areas of development.

Our faculty members truly do teach the “whole child”, knowing that each of them has been uniquely created by God to not strive for mere academic success. Liberty teachers consistently model the Christian call to live life in service to others. They teach with joyful spirits and love for each child. Their dedication and passion is second to none.

Our Faculty

Katie Williams


Cindy Lee

Administrative Assistant

Stacy Duncan


Alyssa Hawley


Haley Brown

1st Grade

Donna Hickmon

2nd Grade

Tara Birdwell

3rd Grade

Tamra McCool

4th Grade

Stephanie Heep

5th Grade

Kailyn Raiford

6th Grade