The clear teaching of the Bible is the foundation for all other learning. The Bible is inspired, inerrant, and authoritative for all of life – including the life of a Christian school. Since the Bible is the most important subject in the Christian school, it should be taught specifically and systematically.  At Liberty Christian School the Bible is the first subject taught each day in the classrooms. Although the Bible is not a textbook, it nevertheless centers all other Christian educational activities in a foundational way.

Besides using the Bible in devotional and foundational ways, Liberty Christian School strives to make certain that everything said, done, and taught is in accord with a Biblical understanding of the world and our place and role in it. It is important that our students develop a worldview that grows out of an understanding of God’s Word and does not stand independent of it.

As a non-denominational school, it is very important that a curriculum be adopted that is aligned with our Statement of Faith. The Bible curriculum chosen for use at Liberty Christian School is written and published by the Association of Christian Schools International. As a member school of ACSI, Liberty Christian is in full agreement with this organization’s Statement of Faith.  As such, parents can be sure that their child is being taught Scripture and doctrinal positions that are foundational and fundamental to Christianity.