Why Liberty

A Part of the Family
Families believe Liberty is the best place for their children, and this makes all the difference in everyday life at school. We are brought together by shared goals for our children, both spiritual and academic.

Young children find an environment where they are loved because they are viewed as gifts from God. Students learn every subject from teachers who are constantly seeking to share a biblical perspective. Parents find new allies in their efforts to raise their children as young Christian men and women.

At Liberty we envision a school where students find an environment where peer pressure works toward education and Christian citizenship, not negative behavior. We work to create an atmosphere where academic achievement and spiritual growth is valued and doesn't conflict with social acceptance. We join with parents in establishing a proper foundation for a lifetime of success, hand-in-hand with a lifetime relationship with God.

Teachers Are Key

One of the first things you will notice is that Liberty Christian School is small, and so are our class sizes. Teachers really get to know your children, not just in the classroom, but on the playground, in school projects, and extra-curricular activities. Trust grows from the close teacher/student relationships. Students feel free to discuss ideas and problems with their teachers - teachers whom they look to as both leaders and Christian examples.

Relationships are Valued

God works through people to bring about His purposes. Nowhere is this more evident in the development of children. God uses people to protect children, develop their gifts and abilities, prepare them for life, and help them grow in the knowledge of their Lord and Savior.

At Liberty Christian School we believe that we are an extension of your family and church. Liberty is more than just a safe environment. It is a place where your child can explore ideas and questions, and apply themselves academically. The constant Christian guidance and instruction ensures your child won't get lost while exploring some of the tough questions that come when you are growing up.

We hope after you have taken a closer look at Liberty Christian School, you will find it to be your choice for your family.