School Board

The Liberty Christian School Board consists of Jason Evans- President, Brittany Mears and Marty Bayne.

School Board members at Liberty Christian are expected to be spiritual leaders and examples to others.  They are to know and promote the Christian school philosophy of education.  The Board is responsible for advancing the mission of the school through Biblical and sound business practices, individual giving, and leading others to give to the support of Liberty Christian School.

The School Board establishes policies regarding matters such as curriculum selection, dress and disciplinary codes, qualifications of faculty, etc.  Furthermore, the Board is responsible for making the final approval on hiring/dismissal of all personnel. Board members abstain from entering into the day-to-day operation of the school, as this responsibility is given to the school administrator.

Board members of Liberty Christian School serve with great humility and joy. This Board’s goal is to continue following God’s direction in making Liberty Christian a place where students are equipped and trained not just academically, but spiritually as well.  The personal chemistry among these individuals, as well as a shared passion for Christian education, ensures that the Board works very well as a team.