Our History

Liberty Christian School is a growing, interdenominational, Christian school led by an independent board of directors. It is amazing to reflect upon the school’s history and see all the Lord has done since it was started.

Sometime prior to 1998, the vision for a Christian school began among a small group of home-schooling parents. Most were members of Christian Life Church of Searcy. The leadership of the church began Liberty Christian School in the fall of 1998, with the belief and understanding that the school would one day be independent from the church. The expected time for this transition to occur was about ten to twelve years from the first year of operation, as the school was expected to be strong enough at that time to sustain its independence. The initial number of students was small, and the school began by offering Kindergarten through 12th grade with an instructional approach and structure much different than the present-day Liberty Christian School.

During the fall of 2000, members of a “Parent Board” approached the pastor of Christian Life Church and shared their belief that it was time for the School to begin the transition towards independent status. It was clear that the vision for Liberty was bigger than most had dreamed, and God was beginning to move specific people together to bring about His purposes for the school.

The church was agreeable to the proposal, assuming that an independent Board could be established who would assume ownership and responsibility. In November of 2000, five people agreed to serve on the first Board. Liberty Christian School became incorporated, and a legal transfer of the school and its assets occurred. In December 2000, Liberty Christian School, along with the families enrolled, moved Liberty Christian School to its new location.

In January 2001, Liberty began its first semester as an independent Christian school on the property of Cornerstone Steel in Searcy. Mr. James Kidd, owner of Cornerstone, allowed the school to use an empty building at his business – rent and utility free. The school had twenty-seven students.

In 2002, Liberty kept its educational focus on offering a top-notch elementary program. The School was still operating on the property of Cornerstone Steel. Increasing enrollment, along with the obvious need for property of our own, caused the Board to begin a search for a new facility location.

In the spring of 2002, Liberty voted to buy the building of Searcy Christian Academy on Benton Street. Searcy Christian Academy closed its doors in May, and Liberty moved to its new home, where we are currently located.

Liberty held classes for one year in the building and quickly realized that additional space was needed due to continuing growth. In the summer of 2003, four extra classrooms and restrooms were added to the current structure – all generously funded through the donations of two local businessmen. We thank the Lord for His wonderful provision for the school from its earliest beginnings.

 We continue to see the Lord provide gifted faculty members who are equipped and certified to teach with excellence. Liberty will continue forward in serving the families of Searcy, building upon the blessings of the Lord in the growth of the school.